It’s hard to say exactly what kind of music Trevor Horn makes. This British genius is widely acknowledged in his home country as one of the greatest pop producers of all time, but in the states, his amazingly diverse discography is largely overlooked. Using a fearless mix of synthesizers, samples and live instrumentation, Horn made it clear that he was playing by his own rules as the driving force behind both Art Of Noise and The Buggles in the late ’70s. And his early-’80s work on Malcolm McLauren’s Duck Rock—including the seminal track “Buffalo Gals”—still stands as some of the most instantly-recognizable (and most sampled) beats in hip-hop history.

But aside from his more experimental work, Trevor kept winning throughout the ’80s by bringing his innovative touches to a string of mainstream hits from acts like Yes, Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. In the ’90s, he reinvented himself as the man behind Seal (he’s written and produced practically every song the singer has ever recorded), and since then he’s been staying busy with an unpredictible slate of work, from faux-lesbian teens t.A.T.u. to indie rockers Belle & Sebastian. I compiled 25 of my favorite Trevor Horn-related tracks for one of this week’s Uggh…Nice Watch releases…


1. Malcolm McLaren “She’s Looking Like A Hobo” (1983)
2. Seal “A Tribute To Trevor (Live)” (2004)
3. Art Of Noise “Moments In Love” (1985)
4. Yes “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” (1983)
5. ABC “The Look Of Love (Part I)” (1982)
6. t.A.T.u. “All The Things She Said” (2002)
7. Dollar “Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)” (1982)
8. Spandau Ballet “Instinction” (1982)
9. Pet Shop Boys “Left To My Own Devices” (1988)
10. Chromium “Caribbean Air Control” (1979)
11. Paul McCartney “Ou Est Le Soleil” (1989)
12. Seal “Crazy” (1991)
13. Lisa Stansfield “Takes A Woman To Know” (2004)
14. Propaganda “Dr. Mabuse” (1984)
15. Grace Jones “Slave To The Rhythm” (1985)
16. Malcolm McLaren “Buffalo Gals” (1982)
17. Tina Turner & Barry White “In Your Wildest Dreams” (1996)
18. Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” (1983)
19. Philip Jap “Save Us” (1982)
20. Buggles “Video Killed The Radio Star” (1979)
21. Belle & Sebastian “Stay Loose” (2003)
22. Dusty Springfield “Baby Blue” (1979)
23. Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” (1985)
24. Malcolm McLaren “World’s Famous” (1983)
25. Seal “Kiss From A Rose” (1995)



  1. Art of Noise had one of the greatest produced songs of all time. Play ‘n’ Skillz (and Adina Howard) know what’s up.

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  3. nvm got the megaupload link to work 🙂

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  5. Tha link doesn’t work….. 😦 Re up please!!

  6. Bring the link back from the dead! I would love to bump this!!

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  8. Can you please re-upload a lot of these downloads. Trevor Horn and so many others?

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