In addition to Battlecat, another slept-on West Coast producer who deserves to be in the funk hall of fame is E-A-Ski, an Oakland native who’s been making classic records with his partner CMT since the early ’90s. Best known as the original hitmakers behind Spice 1 and Master P’s California years (Ski released his solo debut on No Limit in ’92), the duo created some of the most memorable records of the ’90s, including smoothed-out gems for Suave House artists like Mr. Mike and g-funk hits for West Coast icons like Kam. After a few quiet years, Ski & CMT popped up again in the hyphy era with a new sound and a string of hits, including The Team’s “Moe Doe.” For 30 classics from their indisputable 20-year discography, download The E-A-Ski & CMT Collection…

1. TRU “Watch Your Ass” (1995)
2. Kam “Pull Ya Hoe Card” (1995)
3. Mr. Mike f/ Christion “Where Ya Love At?” (1996)
4. Spice-1 “Trigga Gots No Heart” (1993)
5. E-A-Ski “Straight Business” (1992)
6. Champ MC “Keep Shit On The Real” (1994)
7. WC f/ Nate Dogg “Paper Trippin'” (2001)
8. E-A-Ski f/ Dr. Dre “Dr. Dre & Mr. Ski (Split Personality)” (1996)
9. Rally Ral “Something Kind of Funky” (1993)
10. Jayo Felony “Nitty Gritty” (1998)
11. Big Rich “That’s The Business” (2006)
12. Spice-1 “187 Pure” (1992)
13. Das Efx “Baknaffek (E-A-Ski & CMT Remix)” (1993)
14. Crime Boss f/ The Fedz “Get Mine” (1997)
15. Ice Cube “Penitentiary” (1998)
16. Dual Committee “Your Friends” (2000)
17. Master P f/ Sonya C “211” (1994)
18. E-A-Ski f/ Ice-T “Player Haters” (1998)
19. B-Legit f/ Levitti “Where Is This Going” (2007)
20. Kam “Who Ridin'” (1995)
21. The Team f/ Keak Da Sneak “Moe Doe” (2004)
22. TRU “Neighborhood Dopeman” (1993)
23. The Luniz f/ Teddy “Playa Hata” (1995)
24. Mr. Mike “Game Affiliation” (1996)
25. DenGee f/ Silk-E “Da Hustle” (2000)
26. Bullys Wit Fullys f/ Clyde Carson “So Hood” (2006)
27. E-40 f/ Clipse “Quarterbackin'” (2003)
28. Spice-1 “Dumpin’ Em’ In Ditches” (1993)
29. E-A-Ski “Blast If I Have To” (1995)
30. TRU “Christmas In Da Ghetto” (1992)
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2 responses to “THE E-A-SKI & CMT COLLECTION

  1. From Straight Business in 92 all the way to his new shit, you covered all the bases on this one!

  2. Thanks! but you can re-up this please?

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