nelleehoopercollection_coverWhen it comes to British music, Nellee Hooper has been at the center of some major movements. He started out in the early ’80s as a founding member of influential Bristol DJ crew/sound system The Wild Bunch, who eventually spawned trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack.

By the late ’80s, Hooper had moved to London and joined up with Jazzie B in a new group called Soul II Soul, who, for the first time, brought a unique brand of British soul music to the international pop charts. His work on early albums by Björk and Massive Attack led to Hooper becoming one of the most in-demand producers in popular music, making huge hits for superstars like Madonna and U2. Trust me—if you’re not familiar with Hooper, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of truly classic records he’s produced. I’ve compiled some of my favorites for this week’s Uggh…Nice Watch release.

1. The Wild Bunch “Hands In The Air One Time” (Intro)
2. Gwen Stefani “Luxurious” (2005)
3. Soul II Soul “Back To Life” (1989)
4. Madonna “Human Nature” (1994)
5. The Wild Bunch “The Look Of Love” (1988)
6. Janet Jackson f/ Q-Tip “Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Nellee Hooper Master Mix)” (1997)
7. Björk “Human Behaviour” (1993)
8. Massive Attack “Spying Glass” (1994)
9. Alyson Williams “I Need Your Loving (Extended Mix)” (1989)
10. Coldcut “Autumn Leaves (Nellee Hooper Vocal Mix)” (1993)
11. Rebecca De Ruvo “I Caught You Out (Nellee Hooper’s Album Mix)” (1994)
12. Craig Armstrong & Nellee Hooper “The Montague Boys” (1996)
13. The Wild Bunch “Friends and Countrymen” (1988)
14. The Family Stand “Ghetto Heaven (The Remix)” (1990)
15. Björk “Big Time Sensuality” (1993)
16. Bomb The Bass “Shake It” (1988)
17. The Psychedelic Waltons f/ Roisin Murphy “Wonderland” (2001)
18. Andrea Corr “Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me)” (2007)
19. Bono “Save The Children” (1995)
20. Björk “Come To Me” (1993)
21. Soul II Soul “Keep On Movin'” (1989)
22. Massive Attack “Protection” (1994)
23. Janet Jackson “Where Are You Now (Nellee Hooper Mix)” (1995)
24. Madonna With Massive Attack “I Want You” (1995)
25. Smashing Pumpkins “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning” (1997)
26. Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 U” (1989)
27. Cher f/ Beavis & Butt-Head “I Got You Babe” (1993)
28. Björk “It’s Oh So Quiet” (1995)




  1. like i said, the songs featured in the watchmen tv trailers beat the film’s score—starting with “angel” by massive attack.

  2. Nellee this super compilation is awesome… these are songs i associate with… ur such a genius…


  3. Just what I needed!

    It’s weird, I first saw the name “Nellee Hooper” on the “6 Underground” record by Sneaker Pimps (a glaring omission by the way). I kept thinking: Who made this amazing beat?!

    A year later (like two days ago), I stumble upon his wikipedia entry and I realize he’s done some of my all-time favorite records from time!

    Human Nature, Nothing Compares, The Beginning Is the End, stuff with Massive Attack…. these are serious classics!

    Great upload!

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS UPLOAD!! I can finally throw out those pesky 12″ singles!! I have been searching for a long time for the elusive Nellee Digital files and here they all are in once place. but you are missing out the amazing Sade Feel No Pain Nellee Hooper remix… So the search goes on… Thanks Again!

  5. Dang,
    Missed this one BFRED
    can we get a reup?

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