Respect SWV Or Get Your Brains Knocked Out

SWV “Right Here (Funkyman Remix) (1993) (Produced by Lord Finesse)

Why is it that TLC is always credited as being the greatest female R&B group of the 90s, while SWV gets remembered as an anonymous, talentless one hit wonder?

Sure, maybe SWV didn’t have an extremely annoying rapper in their group, but after TLC’s first album, their musical relationship to hip-hop was tenuous, at best. While SWV was a more traditional R&B group, with Teddy Riley’s post-New Jack Swing swagger and crytal clear slow jams, TLC’s music quickly became a washed out, adult contemporary comprimise of R&B. This allowed TLC to stay at the top of the charts throughout the 90s, while SWV slowly floundered into obscurity. Aside from their regular producer Brian Morgan, SWV worked with some of the best producers of the decade: Timbaland, Puffy and The Neptunes all collaborated with the girls early in their careers. Oh, and we musn’t forget the obvious: SWV can sang (at least Coko can), while T-Boz and Chili’s frail-ass pipes can’t even compete.

I guess another reason SWV gets written off is because they didn’t quite have the charisma of T-Boz, Chili and Lefteye, nor were they as good-looking (Although I will say that I always had a soft spot for Taj, the “shy one”). I still prefer SWV because they always came off kind of like three nice church girls who somehow got conned into wearing leather daisy dukes and singing the devil’s music. Regardless of who you prefer, Coko, Taj and Lelee had a gang of hits that still bang today. And now, the definitive collection:

Uggh..Nice Watch Presents
The SWV Collection

Side A: For The Jeeps

1. SWV feat. Wu-Tang Clan “Anything (Old Skool Remix)”
2. SWV feat. Pharrell Williams “Right Here (UK Back To Black Mix)”
3. SWV “Weak (Bam Jams Jeep Mix)”
4. SWV “You’re the One”
5. SWV feat. Wreckx-N-Effect “I’m So Into You (Teddy Riley Remix)”
6. SWV feat. Missy Elliot & Timbaland “Can We”
7. SWV On & On (Produced by Eric Sermon)
8. SWV feat. Busta Rhymes “You’re The One (Bad Boy Remix)”
9. SWV “Right Here (Funkyman Mix)” (Produced by Lord Finesse)
10. SWV “It’s All About U”
11. SWV “I’m So Into You”
12. SWV feat. Redman “Lose My Cool”
13. Blackstreet feat. SWV & Craig Mack “Tonite’s The Night (Remix)”
14. SWV “SWV (In the House)”
15. SWV feat. Lil’ Cease “Love Like This”
16. SWV feat. Puff Daddy “Someone”
17. SWV feat. Trigger Tha Gambler, Smoothe Da Husther & The Lost Boys “You’re The One (Allstar Remix)”
18. SWV feat. Michael Jackson “Right Here/Human Nature (Remix)”
19. [BONUS TRACK] SWV “It’s All About U (Bounce Baby Bounce Mix)”
20. [BONUS TRACK] SWV feat. Jay-Z “You’re The One (DJ Clark Kent Remix)”

Side B: Between The Sheets (DOWNLOAD)

1. SWV “Rain”
2. SWV “Downtown”
3. SWV “Use Your Heart” (Produced by the Neptunes)
4. SWV “When U Cry”
5. SWV “Understanding”
6. Blackstreet feat. SWV “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind”
7. SWV “All Night Long”
8. SWV “Fine Time”
9. Blackstreet feat. SWV “Tonight’s The Night” (Produced by The Neptunes)
10. SWV “Mystery”
11. SWV “Always On My Mind”
12. Quincy Jones feat. SWV, Babyface, Barry White & Portrait “Slow Jams”
13. SWV “Love Is So Amazing”
14. SWV “Weak”

11 responses to “Respect SWV Or Get Your Brains Knocked Out

  1. ah, rar files!
    what does one do when winrar doesn’t work on your slinky-ass new mac?!

  2. you 4got to mention that swv’s real initials are TLC = Taj..LeeLee and Coko

  3. Shit… you can re-up this please??

  4. a re-up possible, please ?

    megaupload – rest in peace

  5. TLC had a better vocal performance, though not stronger than SWV’s, it still was different and awesome. SWV were only legends in “The hood” were as TLC are a global sensation (65 Million sold) TLC had the better videos, dance steps, live performances, style, beauty, and overall package over SWV. This article didnt prove anything factual as to why SWV should be mentioned as a great. TLC got this nuff said.

  6. Can you upload the file for this mix, excited about hearing these tracks

  7. “Understanding” is an Xscape song, right? Is there a connection there between SWV and that song? Good song, though.

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